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Your Analytics - an open source, privacy-focused web analytics platform. Focus on the basics and respect visitor privacy.

Your data, your way

See your analytics on a web dashboard, export it to a spreadsheet or process events in real-time within your own environment.



Use the web-based dashboard to see your website analytics at a glance. Slice and dice the data with filters available for all metrics, e.g. date range, referrer, page, country, etc.

Data export

Data export

It's called Your Analytics for a reason and you can export unsampled, raw data for your website to a variety of tools you are already familiar with. Data exports can be scheduled to run periodically or you can subscribe to real-time updates.

Email reports

Email reports

Schedule email reports to be sent to your team members. You decide who receives reports, when they are sent and what they include.

Visibility into what matters

We keep it simple and focus on web analytics metrics that matter by also respecting your visitor's privacy.

Visitors & page views

See how many unique visitors your website has and how many pages they view.

Unique Visitors
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Total Pageviews
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Visualize visitors, page views, bounce rate and time spent over a given time period.

Top Pages

Understand which of your website's pages are more or less popular. Learn how much time to users spend on individual pages and determine where to focus your effort in terms of SEO improvements and marketing.

Top Referrers

Review where your website visitors come from. This helps you get a better picture of who talks about you online.


What devices do your visitors use? Is your content mobile-friendly enough? Does your website work for all device combinations?


Do you reach a global audience? Is it time to translate your content into other languages? Learn all about your visitors and where they access your website from.

Frontend Integrations

Select your frontend stack of choice to see how to integrate Your Analytics.

Supports your frontend stack of choice


Pay as you grow

Self-host Your Analytics free of charge or use our hosted service.


Your Analytics is open source and available for you to host on your own servers.For Free!



Hassle-free, hosted by the team who develops Your Analytics. Pay based on how many pages your visitors look at on your website.


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